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3CE Product Flyer Design For SASA

SASA is one of the most popular young chic franchise cosmetic store. Weebernet has specialise to design the 3 Concept Eyes (3CE)cosmetic products info in their store. The objective of this flyer is to summary the latest promotion products into one glance & easy for consumers to identify what is their favourite products and colours selection.

Watson Standee

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3CE Gondola Cosmestic Tray Design For SASA

Weebernet is make another creativity on cosmetic trays. Our recent graphic design is on 3 Concept Eyes gondola cosmetic trays that going to use in SASA franchise cosmetic shop. Our design mission is make the cosmetic tray elegant & attractive to encourage consumers to try the cosmetic tester.

With more people use their cosmetic testers,  we can see consumers enjoying the wide range of the colours and effects after we placed the gondala tray in Sasa , it give enjoyable feeling to consumers.

Professional Photo Shoot For 3 Concept Eyes Products

Weebernet has designed the display concept for branded Korean Cosmetic 3 Concept Eyes in Muse, Sunway, KL. With identity who is our targeted customers, our concept feel with of vivid colours, freedom of style, youth & wide choice that capture ladies attention on the first sight.


3CE Wallpaper Design For Watson & Guardian

This a 6′ x 3′ feets height vertical wallpaper attractive design use on Watson, Guardian & other franchise store. It beautify the area with eyes catchy effects; particularly good to use on some area like pillar & small narrow area. Rather than let it empty, we fully utilize the space for decoration with minimum renovation cost.

Handy & Attractive 3CE Flyer Design

Weebernet designed another 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) flyer that placed on Watson, Guardian, Sasa, Muse & Sephora. This flyer feature handy &  funny served as a quick guide to the customer for latest products function with price tag.

Korea Branded Cosmetic Mediheal facial mask graphics design