We design name card that give good impression & achieve business introduction objective. They are numerous name cards we receive every day, if your business name card just like other with attractive & unable to help clients to remember your business, you can trust your name card have thrown into the trash.

For Winshield with window tint business, thus our design concept is look for transparent material that represent their business. While the little i-phone design is a small tricky way to let client to surprise to receive this special name card like mini i-phone. Sure, it give clients strong impression not to let go this special design name card.

Omi Beef Web Design Mock Up

Omi Beef is a Japanese/Malaysian joint venture company to distribute their premium grade of meet to the high end restaurant from rest of the world. Summary, this website use to describe the premium quality of the meet start from beginning.Example, the environment & water to raise the cows, raising period & traditional Japanese method for fattening cow & finally the cutting method produce premium quality meet.

If you browse thru this website in 3 minutes, we will gain knowledge on how to select the meats for your dinner in future.

Though the website is not complete, but you may browse our draft here.enjoy!!

Calendar Graphic Design


Grid Website Design


This is one of the inspire and practical new website design on Feb 2014.  Funs and informative to allow people quick access to the prefer info was the key for this website.

The best part of this website was to allow the consumer to pin on the topic that interested them. So next round that can have more similar default items display rather than whole buns of unwanted info. We think this is great, welcome to Inspire Web design World; Weebernet Web Design.

Heritage City Calender Design

One of Weebernet 2013 project. Heritage Calender Design – The ideas of this design was draft in the water mark painting. With the illustration of the good old time object that stir the memory how life is simple and wonderful for living in the cultural city.

Our feeling on this design was simple, as we treat life as simple as possible. Thus this calender just reflect with our simple heart to view thru the new World Heritage City “Penang”.


Grand Inn Web Design Mock-Up


Grand Inn was a budget hotel just open in Machalister Road, Penang.

Weebernet design the mock-up with ” Real feelling of what value of your money”.

View to enjoy.

Palmex Property 2014 Web Design Mock-up

Palmex Property was IOI Property Penang Subsidiary. With recent selected Weebernet to revamp their website for better corporate image.

Hence this mock up was submitted to their corporate for approval. Our design concept illustrate title “Joy of coming home”. Home is the fundamental for most of the people. Thought from developer comparision we unable to benchmark like the IJM super luxurious design. But the property does provide room for price increasement, ambient size for different size of family and unique property location that later found proof to be welcome by the market.

Our concept has to illustrate the ” Joys” “Confort” for welcome back a family member. It may not be luxurious, but it would be fit your tire leg.