Broadway Building Signboard Design

Below is our client signboard design option for our client review before selection.

Glastec Website Improvement

Wisdom Plus Company Profile Design

We come to request for redesign for the component supplier Wisdom Plus. They are well reputable components supplier in South East Asia. We streamline their company profile from 10 A4 size pages to special shape for good visual effect and handy to carry.

Textured paper create special name card

In order to create outstanding feeling on the name card, we come to study over 100 types of textured paper in order to create the special design for our clients. Obviously, those name card only distribute to targeted group of customer, as it would leave deep impression for people notice for you, for your business.


Cyber Cat Chinese Version Website For Taiwan

This is the website design proposal for Cybercat Chinese version going to launch in Taiwan. Client would able to received the proposal in 1 week time before final proceed to website construction.

Foods Intro Flyer


An eyes catchy foods flyer design, it make people walk into your restaurant.