A full time professional copy writer, my passion for writing was accidentally re-ignited upon encountering a job opening from an old friend. 

An opportunity was presented for me to channel my creativity and make use of my dormant skills gathered from my life’s experiences. I dove headfirst into my first proofreading and copywriting project with a zeal and had never looked back since. Encouraged upon receiving favourable feedback from my clients, I have decided to pursue this new career path.

Copywriting Experience:

A handful of projects for print and online content completed so far for clients in the automotive and environmental industry. Some of which requiring simplifying tens of pages of complicated technical or industrial jargon for the average reader’s understanding. Not only that, transformed the stream of information about the product or service into powerful words to prompt reader action. This was achieved through multiple discussions with clients to set clear expectations and gain thorough insights into their product.

Future Aspirations:

Constantly improve copywriting skills by reading books and research. My favorite quote from copywriting legend David Ogilvy –  “Look for people who aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for routine”.


Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering in the U.K. at  Nottingham University.

Employment History

Worked for eight years as an engineer at two global multi-national companies in Penang, during which three years was spent in Oregon and California.  Gained in-depth exposure to American corporate culture and professional business writing, after completing numerous project presentations, reports, research documents, and technical papers.


Started writing for fun while young, and at twelve years old, obtained a Commendation for a written entry to the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition. Also a lifelong and voracious reader for business and current-affairs magazines such as The Economist, Fast Company, Time, Fortune, Forbes, National Geographic and Reader’s Digest.