Website & Email Hosting

In 2016, we migrate our existing clients to the world most reliable hosting; that is google email hosting solutions. Email is important to modern businesses, particular for businesses deal with clients require real time transaction to perform payment ordering, invoicing, recording & communication. In facts, most of the businesses will be shut down if email down.

Google hosting provide the most reliable website & email hosting for 365 days a year without any email congestion. With the huge server resources sharing capability, email hosting become easy, effective and , reliable.

And you are able to read whenever you are travel. As google email can access with your phone as well. Gmail has changed the communication on this new age.

Weebernet continuing upgrade ourselves with technologies to provide effective business solutions to our clients. Today we are proud as we embrace those cost effective technology with local business community.

With the Gmail acts as an media, our clients would save time to backup their email. In fact, Gmail can back up for 15GB for your mail, that ease the worry of overloading your hosting. Our clients can reach their email on their phone, even switching to new phone quickly self setup to view their email again.

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