Atmel Malaysia Engage Us As Local Design House!

Weebernet Web Design is an approved digital print designer appointed by Atmel worldwide to perform improvements on its packaging box design.

The client’s box packaging designs required an update in its graphics and content in order to elevate its packaging standards. Atmel realised that despite its technological innovations, it still required good packaging design to complement its diverse range of consumer and industrial products.

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Key Features

The client was advised on artwork, graphics and choice of appropriate images while staying true to precision designs. Each packaging box must also sport an impeccable print quality in order to make a maximum persuasive effect on prospective buyers.

Good product packaging generates good impressions. Good impressions in turn convey confidence towards product quality. In fact, for most of the time, decisions to purchase a product over a rival brand hinges on the attractiveness of product packaging box design.

Our Task

To date we have completed more than 100 packaging box designs for Atmel Malaysia and for Atmel operations based in Malaysia, USA and other countries.

Client’s Benefits

Weebernet is honoured to have contributed its digital print design expertise for the benefit of a global brand like Atmel.

While our client Atmel make the right decision to shift they design from India to Malaysia as they found we are more creative, supportive and more funs to work with. We are confident of meeting Atmel exacting standards in future.