Bumseng Precision, Website To Target Oversea Clients!

Bumseng Engineering is an ISO 9001 certified precision engineering company that was founded in year 1999. They started off as a small scale part fabrication supplier to some local businesses in Penang.

The founders saw the potential of this industry and started to invest in sophisticated machinery that enable them to produce complex components with tighter tolerance specs.  They were looking to expand their business overseas in order to gain higher profits.

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Key Features

As the ideal partner, Weebernet identify their strengths, core competence and selling points. We started lay down the online marketing strategy for precision engineering presentation that can draw the attention on clients abroad.

Our Task

We designed the website as marketing tool to showcase for their selective products. Sometimes, those pictures does tell more than words if the clients with in-dept fabrication background. Those selected products with different dimension that portrait their equipment’s capability.

With specific the type of 7-axis of precision fabrication, there can accuracy perform the high complex precision fabrication parts with 10 micron tolerance. The investments of the equipment is one of the critical factor that guarantee for highly complex part fabrication with repeatable result.

Client’s Benefits

Bumseng Precision Engineering has successfully reveals their technical capability & quality capability. We had showcase of production precision equipment and measurement equipments shown their quality standard in place.

This content would able to pass the first assessment from the clients before oversea clients further discussion and take factory audit. Distance is no longer a concern on modern age. Internet connectivity makes the world smaller and easily accessible. Opportunity provide to the one who ready for digital age.