Cybercat Group Japan Website Launch!

We completed another website project for our Japanese client. Our client is extreme happy because from the concept design, website programming & discussion can be complete within 3 weeks.

Our client comment “Website creation can never so easy with any other developers, Weebernet is currently their best developer”.

Visit the site

Key Features

Cool layout for client like to display various of concept, but it should be clear & easy to understand. Color scheme has the best match to create the dept of shadow effect.

Our Tasks

Quick on finalise the key topic before move to design mockup. Website programming job complete within 1 week upon client confirm on the design mockup.

Client’s Benefits

  • Super fast graphic design work complete in 1 week
  • Affordable budget for nicely crafted website within RM3,000 budget
  • Simple coding website that enable clients maintain on it own for future update