Eastwest Seafoods Went Global Attention!!

Eastwest Seafoods  is one of the pioneer leaders in Asia region provide quality frozen seafoods. The business also lay down the reputation and foundation when stabilize their business.

The business is currently hand over to the young & energetic second generation with great enthusiasm for fast expansion on their frozen seafood business.

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Key Features

Thought this business segment is conducted with not much related to the helps of the website technology on first generation. But times has comes to change the game plan. The new generation of business owners decided create website for global marketing penetration.

Our Tasks

This frozen seafood website has successfully introduce the webpage with accurate and fresh look seafoods illustration. In most cases, description for buyers confusing as those seafoods’ name is different in other geographic location.

When business come to technical specific with detail, even the Google does not have the accurate name to match what is the seafood images to clarify buyers doubts. Except the buyers is expert in this same industry with exposure in different regions.

Skills Involved

This wonderful website with accuracy seafoods illustration considered first class in their industry. This website instantly draw attention from potential online importers and buyers.  The website became the point of the attraction when our client went for seafoods exhibition. It is very clear we had our client profile build up.