Glastac Asia Go Global!

GlasTec is an automotive window film retailer. It stocks a range of window films suitable for all types and classes of automobiles. No matter how compact or large a vehicle might be, there is a type of window film available that would suit vehicle type and owner’s requirements. Of course, website would be essential tools to explore the wider market.

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Key Features

For this website, Weebernet had interpreted a new way of automobiles fashionable lifestyle. The aim is to project the significant difference in the level of experience, pleasure and comfort of being on the road with this high profile window films.

To attract prospective consumers, the website was made with a cosmopolitan image in mind and with  supported by selected adventurous images, bold & freedom of traveling.

At chosen pricy tinted film segments, graphics give way to short catchphrases to reinforce the bold & wild experience with Glastec window films.

Our Task

Weebernet made the window tint technology easy to understand, educational and informative facts are well presented. HIgh profile qualities offered by different types of GlasTec window films and what is the background the technology behind it to made up the driving experience.

Client’s Benefits

Glastec selling point is “Dare to be different”.  Glastec Asia not just the windows tint film, but it comes with the unusual purchase experience with web based warranty system that give consumers the ultra long warranty & after sales services. Consumers would able to view their warranty by just browse their phone.