Grand Inn Hotel Second Branch Online!

Grand Inn is a new budget hotel located in the George town; the city with newly awarded UNESCO heritage city that draw international attention. Hotel owner is just like old time friend with us, after he gain so much confident with us on his first website. Now this is the second hotel he would like to go online.

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Key Features

Every website we designed are unique. They are unique in that sense that every website have it own attraction points. Thus to find out the theme for every website is a must. Theme is the center of our object. With the object clearly define, our job can be start. In this event, professional photographer Jordon Lye manage to capture the artistic heritage feeling of the hotel room. Thought this is 2 stars rate, but it show people with real image with ” you see what you get”

Our Task

The hotel selling points is their antiques building structure. If people walk pass by hotel, it is sure astonishing by the glamorous of old British design. Our ideal is to link up the heritage city stories with the heritage hotel building.

We summarize of this budget hotel as antique, affordable & convenient. And our website concept is constructed from here.

Client’s Benefits

Branding is not just about everything need to be new. In our definition, branding is just simply bring out the facts of advantages. It is like gold covered with old rust. Our task is polish away the rust to allow the gold to be shine again.

Client is happy. As this is the real things that meet his guests expectations.