LIVE for Grand Swiss Hotel!

Grand Swiss Hotel is located in Chulia Street, right in the heart of Georgetown. It is a contemporary styled 3-star hotel with reasonable price range to suit single and family guests.

The strategic location makes it easy for patrons to savour local hawker delights. The historical landmarks are within walking distance too. Public transport ranging from the iconic rickshaw to buses is just around the vicinity.

Weebernet has capitalized on the surroundings and painted them as the selling point to promote this hotel to potential foreigner particular on the backpackers from oversea. We have created a news link to share the tourist attractions and places of interest. This will entice the adventurous guests to explore and immerse in local Penang culture.

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Key Features

The Grand Swiss hotel website design is designed to be user friendly & mobile interactive. Hotel guests can login and check room availability at their own convenience.

Our Task

Reservations are done online with minimum interaction with hotel staffs. This is the beauty of website. The business complete with minimum resources. That is website technology changing the world today that easily apply on the hotel website design.

A gallery of hotel pictures is also splashed on the website. Picture says a thousand words. Our professionally taken photographs give out good vibes on the condition of the hotel. It is clean and comfortable – soothing to the eye!

Patrons can gauge the available amenities of the hotel from the pictures on the website. Apart from that, hotel key features are available at a glance. The website is simple and achieve it purpose.

Client’s Benefits

Website with system designed for guests to made their own reservation. Successfully automated resources utilization for reservation handling. Reduce resources means directly reduce operation cost.