Nashmir Capsule, Local Medical Company With Global Ambition!

Nashmir Capsule is a manufacturer of empty medical grade gelatine capsules. These capsules serve as shells that hold medicines or supplements inside.

Made to dissolve automatically in the digestive tract once ingested, these gelatine capsules form a vital basic component that functions as the preparatory step in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Key Features

Nashmir Capsule sought the assistance of Weebernet when it planned it website redesign and overhaul its online corporate image. This is in line with its global marketing strategy of reaching out to foreign shores and acquiring new customers.

To attract an international audience, win over their trust and confidence, Nashmir Capsule required corporate image to emphasise on its technological competency and technical ability to meet highly stringent hygiene and processing standards of major pharmaceutical firms.

Our Task

Weebernet conceived and executed an online brand revamp involving a thorough website redesign that ranged from inclusion of graphics, new images to a revision of its text content with added input from an experienced and qualified copywriter.

Client’s Benefits

As a result, Nashmir Capsule, a premier home grown brand is able to compete with foreign competitors after a corporate website makeover.

The present corporate website sports an international feel that exudes prestige, quality and good management, a sound platform from which Nashmir Capsule intends to grow further and achieve greatness in the global arena.