Famous New Club Taiping Website Go live!

As an established club in Taiping with more than three thousand members, the club committee sought our help to utilize modern technology to improve communication within members via website & Facebook.

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Key Features

Previously, the club only used email & SMS to notify members if there were any upcoming events.

But this method was not effective when detail info is required to notify the pool of members. After Weebernet establishing their website, New Club Taiping managed to eliminate a huge sum of money on their old fashion of communication method; which was SMS.

Our Task

Our task is assist New Club Taiping to setup the online distribution channel. Start from now, New Club taiping shared their news instantly on the website to all the club members. Their website can easily push the info among 5,000 members. That is the new ways for instant distribution info on technology century.

Client’s Benefits

  • Huge money saving on avoidance of SMS or flyers printing
  • User friendly system for self sustaining website
  • Instant & efficient news distribution