Extraordinary Omi Beef, Japanese experience share Online !!!

When we think of Wagyu beef, the first that comes to mind is Kobe beef. Little is known of Omi beef which is incidentally a prime beef that rivals Kobe beef. It’s actually the finest grade marbled beef that can only be imported from Japan.

Omi Worldwide beef has an A5 rating; the highest grade in Japan’s grading scale. It’s also one of the three most prominent types of wagyu beef in Japan. Its smooth marbled texture is mouth-watering and simply melts like butter in the mouth.

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Key Features

These purebred Japanese Wagyu black cattle is reared in Ryuo town, south of Shiga prefecture where there are lots of fresh water supply from the springs of Mt Suzuka. It has the longest beef cattle history that goes as far back as Edo period (1603-1867). During this shogun era, it was marinated with miso and used as medicinal cure.

Our Task

Omi beef is well recognized with local Japanese but almost unknown to people outside of Japan. Omi beef only served to the highest class restaurant in certain country. With the premium presentation from website, we are able to introduce this prime beef meat to enthusiastic lovers.

Client’s Benefits

The website is very educational with provide specific Japanese beef cuts and meat grading. It features easy to understand illustration of a cow carcass. There are total 15 cuts with recommended cooking methods included.

We have an easy to navigate layout with background and contact. It is also very pleasing to the eye.

It clearly shows the glorious A5 rated Omi beef that is a MUST have!!