Ozone Environmental Solutions Website Launch!

Ozone Environmental Solutions is a new business solution in the Malaysian market. The client had decided to advertise their ozone solution’s benefit by creating their website.  They selected Weebernet as they trusted professional developer to provide the accurate content & great graphic design job enable them to reach wider potential customers in market.

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Key Features

With the green concept in mind, Ozone Environment Solutiona believe they are contribute to the environment thru their technology. By using the ozone equipment, it can apply to various commercial areas to help the business to reduce the use of the chemical & make better living for human. And we are here to outlines the key features in simple ways.

Our Task

Ozone did a amazing task by sanitizing & deodorizing air and water without chemical. It is a powerful deodorizer, it prevents the spread of odors in cold storage, Ozone also ensures the destruction of numerous micro organisms that swarm in the surface of the food items in foods processing areas.

With the most accurate of the content writing from our copywriter Jane Wong. Ozone Environmental Solutions website enable our clients walk into their corporate clients with excellent presentation of their company profile and website online with professional image.

Client’s Benefits

  • Website layout the concept for simple way to understand the product’s application areas
  • We successful establish the professional image for clients
  • Website to use as corporate presentation
  • Website completed in affordable cost Rm4,000