Pearl Maternity Hospital, Rebranding To Be The Best!

Pearl Maternity Hospital needed a cohesive online image and seeked our professional consultancy on imaging and branding.

We thought for a while before We come to the perfect concept to integrate their image of “Love, Caring and Hope”, which coincides perfectly match with their role as a maternity hospital.

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Key Features

We thought about the typical questions were being asked by people before staying at hospital. As most important, website should gain people confident before make decision to the choice. That is the basic of online marketing.

We provided a comprehensive content inclusive FAQ, with some details of the medical staff and their backgrounds, and facilities are available at the hospital. Of course we not to forget the testimonial setup to show lots of parent with their new born.

Our Task

We also created a testimonial section, which shows parents and gives their experiences while staying at the hospital. And we not to forget the parent and new born photos. This really give a great boaster to the hospital business as people are confident with services by so many good comments.

Client’s Benefits

As today, Peal Maternity Hospital has good ranking on the website. It effects contributed by the lots of happy and sweet memories contributed by those parents. With understand the website feature, these good news can be easily share over the FB page on people mobile.

Pearl Maternity has successfully draw the people attention on this market.