Website Revamp From Perak Turf Club!

Perak Turf Club was one of the oldest business company Ipoh. They are the one Malayan Racing Association,
whose other members comprise the Singapore Turf Club, Selangor Turf Club and Penang Turf Club.

Perak Turf Club has engaged us for website consultation services for the last 3 years. This years their website is revamp
for additional corporate info update for increased online clients.

Besides its mainstay activity of horse racing, the Perak Turf Club is also involved in equestrian activities through its
equestrian arm, PRTC Equestrian Club, and provides equine medical care services under its Equine Hospital.

So, this round the info update for the group is more comprehensive with group business overview.

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Our Task

Perak Turf Club is well understood the benefits of online marketing strategy for effectively distribute their  entertainment activities to their clients.

Our tasks would be update those large amount of corporate info and activities in well plan layout for good visibility and readability content to their followers.

Client’s Benefits

Our client Perak Turf club will further focus to improve revenue from online info update. Perak Turf club benefited by further extend their online influence to reach larger group of followers with newly revamp website with our professional web design services.

Apart from that, the website has returned the return on investment with sponsors by the merchants for their huge number of visitors browsing their website.