Taiwan Website Project Completed!

This is another oversea website project we just completed. Today, with our advantage on currency, Weebernet obtained website design projects from oversea. From scratch to design would be ready in 3 weeks. Language no longer a barrier. Weebernet is global specialist, local expertise.

Key Feature

Strong graphic design require to layout the imagination to scale size and application for the air compression. As this type of compression is huge and means to support for giant factory. We extract the key note from clients previous website. The website is much more easy to read and image the application areas.

Our Task

Find the similar areas of their air compression application areas, as it is unique. Graphic design on the application area require to show the utmost professional services level on client products, thus heavy touch up is needed from our graphic design professional.

  • Super fast graphic design skill for the all the graphic design & touch up
  • High understanding on clients business is requirement for this job
  • Accurate chinese intepretation is required

Clients Benefits

  • Website complete within the budget RM3,000
  • Website ready to deliver with 3 weeks
  • Website look professional with good graphic design and easy to understand for people