Rebranding For Island College Of Technology Website

Island College Of Technology (ICT) is a government college of information technology located in Balik Pulau, Penang. Its mission is to assist the government to create the next batch of IT specialists in order to move our country towards Wawasan 2020.

ICT came to us after reviewing a couple of our clients’ excellent website. We were asked to rebrand their college website based on their advantages and resources which will improve their college’s standards. The completion date was crucial, as they required us to complete it in two months by the beginning of feb 2016.

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Key Features

ICT require new branding on their website. They objective for higher education department presentation and collaboration with an Australian ICT college. They were upgrading their course syllabus to improve their image and standards. Time was the key factor for completing rebranding on their image.

Our Task

As a professional website consultant, we provided detail guideline & weekly follow-up. This allows content writer to drafted the content quickly. At the same time, professional photographers to complete the shooting. Each department head’s info can be also be compiled for website to reviewed & approved to meet the deadline.

ICT’s management were delighted when they saw that the college’s website was professionally made. They certainly made the right choice selecting Weebernet to build this new website. We believe our long term partnership will grow from here.

Client’s Benefits

  • Successfully rebranding their college image within tight schedule
  • Make quick changes with our professional Weebernet team
  • Our team with good understanding on business solutions & communication