Teddy Tods Europe Created eCommerce With US!!

Teddy Tods website is an eCommerce website design that carries a multitude of lifestyle products and accessories. It is an online shopping website that allows customers to view the desired items in each individual category.

The owners hail from Europe and were looking for a well reputable eCommerce website design company in Malaysia. Weebernet was appointed as their website designer.  They required an classy designer able to meet the taste of European with attractive illustrations. We have created an elegant European classic themed website to match the products.

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Key Features

Apart from that, there are many other features embedded such as secure online payment, delivery/return tracking, auto generated invoice etc. It is user friendly and eases online order placements. You can even subscribe to the newsletter to get first hand promotional info.

Customers can track their shipments online: same day delivery if orders are placed before time 1730.  A frequently ask questions and answers designed to facilitate delivery issue or damage product returns policy. This encouraged customers to place order without worries.

Our Task

eCommerce website design is today business trend. It is a shopping business without boundaries & time limit. Time is immaterial as customers can make online purchases 24 hours per day from any corner of the world. All they need is internet connection!

Client’s Benefits

As a business owner, overhead cost is relatively low and business expansion opportunity is huge. You can reach out to customers around the world without being physically present. All you need is a powerful website that incorporates all the required functions to ease transaction.

This is definitely another success story for Weebernet. An eCommerce website at par with Amazon and the likes!