Waxson Car Coating Solutions

Waxson provides car care services to the client. We completed 95% of this website except the e-store and facebook.

The main objective of this website done not only just have another online tool, but the concept of image has completely elevated to another level. Since website completed in 2015, the client continue to use the similar concept to improve their services.

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Key Feature

From the dull design, Weebernet totally change the standard for this company. This design made the company no longer like their competitors. Now it have their own styling, the detail of the services, product function is clearly describe and able to visually by potential client now.

Skills Involved

Our Task

  • Company complete rebranding
  • Enable services and products visually by clients
  • Experience and good photographer to create the impact on graphics

Client Benefits

  • This is most affordable design cost offer for the company
  • Tremendously changes on visual impact on client’s website and subsequence design standard
  • Amazing photograph skill that reflect the professional services from the company