ASWF With Immediate Business Expansion From The Start-Up!

American Standard Windows Film is a reputable plan in United State. Our client with great sales results and commitment has obtained the sole distributorship in Malaysia.

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Key Features

As our client is one of the pioneer in window tint film industry. He understood the trends of young generation of people requirements get higher. Their request of the information does not only require detail products’ specification. New generation also factorize the automotive driving experience and leisure when they select their vehicle products.  Weebernet has called for the rebranding for their second phase of online business expansion with website design.

Our Task

With business strategy discussed and concluded by clients. We had shift our online strategy to automotive windows and commercial building windows. As client has achieved extraordinary result on the vehicle window tint. This would be the good time for them to expand their sales on commercial areas which posses more window than automotive market.

Client’s Benefits

Our designed well furnish in european taste. It is simple and easy to understand what is all about in the first glance. This is not many pages, but it should hit the consumers concern without length explanation. Short video was located in right session to maximize product presentation.

Summary of this website is accurate, elegant & cross the consumers requirements.