Zuwen Bina, From Tradition To Modern Age!

Zuwen Bina is a Penang homegrown property development company founded in 2008. It is a subsidiary of Peekever Construction, a well-established company with more than 20 years’ experience in the construction field.

Though Zuwen is considered a relatively young company, their properties are of high quality workmanship. They also pay great attention to details. With the remarkable reputation of its parent company, it shows great potential growth.

Thus far, they have relied on conventional advertising method to market their company. Newspapers, flyers, brochures and bill boards have always been the choice of advertisements.

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Key Features

Things began to change when new blood infused the company. A second generation came on board and decided to take the company to greater heights. These are the internet savvy generation who realized the unimaginable and incredible perks from online marketing. They are aggressive and willing to step away from their traditional advertising methods.

Our Task

Weebernet was engaged design their property development website. With our expertise in local housing guidelines, we are confident to perform our task meet the housing authority guideline. First two meetings is usually allow us to understand clients business challenge and figure out their strengths before we construct the website concept. We  believe we could bring out their differentiation edge.

Client’s Benefits

The property development website content is well illustrated and the layout also makes it easy to navigate. We advice client has to update it regularly to ensure information is well share among the consumers in that area. That is the fundamental of branding.

Upon the website completed on the first month, we saw traffic is gearing towards the right direction and yielding a positive trending for Zuwen’s business. Again, we deliver result to client. We are greatness with this result.

Our in-depth and conscientious understanding of customer needs stands us in good stead with our customers. We do not dabble in fancy stories – in fact, we are the practical business owner just reemphasize the fundamental of the new age internet wave with you!